a major player in the field


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With over 300 customers, over 40 employees and an active integrators partner network, Nuxeo is a major player in the field.

How would you say that in Chinese? "is a major player in the field" ... Is there an expression to describe that "it has an important role to play in this sector today" ?

Thanks !
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    "a major player in the field"

    I believe there are a bunch of them in Chinese, but too bad I can only come up with so few of them.

    You can say:

    1. 龍頭老大 the fork of a motorcycle or bicycle
    2. 實力不容小覷 cannot underestimate its strength
    3. 佼佼者 a beautiful, fine one; thus becoming (ha) a great player in the field, this is closest meaning to yours

    e.g. 他在這行中算個佼佼者,實力不容小覷。
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