a majority of Republicans <now say><are now saying>

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Poll: As Coronavirus Spreads, Fewer Americans See Pandemic As A Real Threat

Sample sentence:

In February, a little more than a quarter of U.S. adults believed the coronavirus was being blown out of proportion. Now, that number has risen to nearly 40% of respondents. Pollsters found that both shifts are largely driven by changes in opinion by Republicans. For instance, 72% of Republicans saw the coronavirus as a real threat in early February, but that figure has now plummeted to 40% of Republicans now believing the deadly virus is a serious menace. And a majority of Republicans — 54% — <now say><are now saying> the response to the coronavirus is overblown, a significant jump from last month, when about 23% of Republicans held that view.


"Now say" is used in the original. Are both options correct in this case?

Thanks a lot for any comments, corrections or suggestions!

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