a majority of the Supreme Court of the United States

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Following paragraph is from the book "Saving Capitalism".

In 2010, a majority of the Supreme Court of the United States decided in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporations are people under the First Amendment, entitled to freedom of speech. Therefore, said the court, the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (commonly referred to as the McCain-Feingold Act), which had limited spending by corporations on political advertisements, violated the Constitution and was no longer the law of the land.

I want to know the exact meaning of underlined phrase.
I suppose that means 'a majority of judge who belong to the Supreme Court of the United States'.
Is that right?
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    In the case of Citizens United v. FEC - Wikipedia, the vote was 5-4, thus a majority.
    There are occasions, however, when nine judges do not vote, such as when Justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016 and the court operated with eight justices until a replacement was nominated by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.
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