a make up plan


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See below the dialog:

i'm calling you with a make up plan.
-oh! are you now ?
-i am. How would you like to see what really happens at a fashion shoot ?

what is a "make up plan" ? How would you translate it in French ?


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In any other context I would have thought a make up plan would be something like un plan de rattrapage, but in the context of fashion, I suppose that make up here is maquillage.
Un plan de maquillage? (it does sound strange in English too).
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Can't it mean something like: "hey my girl friend, I now we've been fighting a lot recently and I'd really like to make up with you... I'm pretty sure you would like to go and see a real fashion shoot so we can spend some good time together like we used to"...
It's the way I understand it... some more context could help though!!


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I tend to agree with butch... the second speaker sounds slightly angry in the response as if the two have had a falling out, and "How would you like to see what really happens at a fashion shoot?" makes it seem that they have not been to a fashion shoot before and this is an attempt to "make up."
Just trying to do my best to guess at the context...


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On second thought, I think that you are right. The lack of a hyphen in the first statement threw me off -though it probably shouldn't have. :eek:


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actually the girl couldn't make it to their movie plan so she suggested him a "make up plan". Through your explanations now i understand the exact meaning. in French we would express this idea quite differently. "un plan de rattrapage" would sound "strangely" in such a context.


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Hi there,

who knows what a "make-up fraction" is, in a medical software ?

What could be the french translation ? une fraction de compensation, de couverture ??

Autogenerated make-up fraction created
You are about to delete a treatment fraction. Do you want to delete a treatment fraction selected?|Yes|No