A man called Love


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Hello everybody. I need to translate this into German. It´s about a book title:

"Chico Xavier, a man called Love." (a man whose name is Love)

A possible translation could be "ein Mann, dessen Name Liebe ist", but I think this is a little bit long, not synthetic.

Maybe "Chico Xavier, ein Mann benannte Liebe"?

Thanks in advance.

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    Portuguese (Brasil)
    It´s o.k., Lykurg. I forgot this little detail. Actually, a friend of mine needed this information and asked me (a poor german speaker) about it. I´m used to expressions like "gelesendes Buch" and stuff, but I have difficulties with phrases like "a man called Love".

    By the way, why "namens"?

    Thanks anyway.


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    And the former substantive is a written lowercase, because it is used as "Adverb". (I do not know whether English "adverb" and German "Adverb" are exactly the same. I mean the German definition, as used in the Duden.)