A man full of rage/anger [adjective?]


How to describe a person adjectivally who is always full of intense anger/rage?
Thank you!

Can I say: A raged person, angrily man, fully-raged, fully-angered?
  • owlman5

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    I'd use "an angry man". If I really wanted to highlight the idea that he was always angry, I'd use "a chronically angry man" or "a man who is always angry."

    If the man is "full of rage", it's perfectly fine to say that he is "rageful."


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    Hi. This may be not the appropriate thread to discuss my question, but here it is. We know, in the following made-up sentence, that the phrase full of modifies the man, and it's kind of treated as it has "that is" or "who is" right before the phrase:

    "The man [that is/who is] full of anger banged his hand on the desk."

    I wonder if we can apply this to all of the same constructions. For instance, here is another sentence that I just made up:

    "As a stubborn man not so open to new ideas, he turned down his co-worker's suggestion at the meeting."

    I somehow feel that it's not okay to put the phrase "not so open to" in the sentence that way. How does it sound to you? Can we generalize it as a rule that we are able to apply to most sentences? I mean, can we omit "that is" or "who is" or "which is" all the time?
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