a man little accustomed to [expansive comment]


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The quotation comes from Charlotte Brontë – Jane Eyre (Chap. 29) | Genius

Quotation: He imagined my recovery would be rapid enough when once commenced. These opinions he delivered in a few words, in a quiet, low voice; and added, after a pause, in the tone of a man little accustomed to expansive comment, “Rather an unusual physiognomy; certainly, not indicative of vulgarity or degradation.”
Hi everyone! I don’t understand “expansive comment” here. It’s very new to me. I guess “expansive” here means “wide” or “broad”, so the sentence essentially means “…little accustomed to making much comments”. Is it correct?
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    It means he wasn't the sort of man who usually made expansive, or unrestrained, comments. He usually spoke carefully.
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