"a man who knows his wit, his drink, and his boxers"

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    Welcome to the forum, kpapadaki!

    It's better if you tell us the context in your post, rather than making people click on a link in order to help you. Here's the context, from a discussion of William Hazlitt's essays:

    "Hazlitt here paints himself as one whose opinions and behaviors reflect an early-ninetheenth-century nationalistic ideology of the "true" Englishman -- he is a man who knows his wit, his drink, and his boxers -- and, as such, gains affection and respect from the "intimate familiars" the essay addresses, the male, urban readers of The New Monthly Magazine."

    Source: Romantic Autobiography in England, by Eugene Stelzig


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    "to know one's <noun>" = To be well-informed on the subject of <nouns>.

    "How do you fix this TV?"
    "Ask Jim, he knows his TVs."

    "OK men, we are all now trained as firefighters: we know our hoses, our engines and our protective gear." <- note the repetition of the possessive adjective.
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