a man whose 'courage none can stem'

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Hi, again,I found it hard to understand the parenthesis in this article.

"Henry Ford hated Jews. George Eastman sanctioned industrial espionage. Thomas Watson turned IBM into a personality cult, complete with company songs about “our friend and guiding hand”, a man whose 'courage none can stem'. "

Could you paraphrase the italic sentence together with bold part as I donot understand it well. I can guess what the author is trying to say. But not exactly.
"a man" here refers to "Thomas Watson" and "our friend", the same person?

Thank you very much!
  • Glenfarclas

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    The phrases in quotation marks ("our friend and guiding hand" and "[a man whose] courage none can stem") are lyrics from the IBM company songs. Thomas Watson was the president of IBM, so presumably those phrases would refer to him -- that is what made the company, in this author's opinion, like a personality cult.
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