A man with beard and without beard [adjective?]

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Hello, my friends,

Are there any adjectives that can be used for a man who:

1) has a beard (pic)
2) Doesn't have a beard (pic)

Can I call (2) "clean-shaved" meaning no beard?

  • Sparky Malarky

    English - US
    To me, clean-shaven implies that the man has no facial hair. Not only does he not have a beard, he has no mustache, and no long sideburns. I would not use smooth-faced unless I was talking about a man with an unusually close shave (perhaps he had just finished shaving) or a young boy who can't grow facial hair.


    Senior Member
    USA, English
    With/without facial hair.

    This does not necessarily mean a beard. It could mean a mustache. Or it might be a week's growth of hair and not a cultivated beard.
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