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    Bodenbewachsung: (Natural) cover (alt. ground planting)

    Schneise: aisle

    Laubwald: deciduous forest
    Nadelwald: coniferous forest
    Baumschule: tree nursery
    Mischwald: mixed forest

    Bäume und Gebüsch: trees and shrubbery
    Regelmäßige Baumanpflanzung: regularly tree planting
    Obstbaumgut mit und ohne Wiese: pomiculture with and without hayfield

    Heide mit einzelnen Bäumen und Büschen: heathland with several trees and shrubs/bushes

    Wiese u. Weide mit nassen Stellen, Bäumen und Büschen: hayfield and feedlot with wet areas, trees and bushes

    Weingarten: vineyard

    Hopfenanpflanzung: hop planting

    Garten: garden

    Park: park

    I'm not a botanist, but I hope this will help a little.


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    PasosdeAnimalGrande said:
    you are a god
    No...okay, maybe a minor god. But there are a few big gods and goddesses in this forum. ;)

    Feel free to ask anything about the german language and we try to realize the next miracle :D
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