a matter for airport security


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The quotation comes from Man arrested after running across Madrid airport tarmac to catch flight - BBC News

Quotation: A spokesman for Ryanair, the airline whose aeroplanes are visible in the video, said it was a matter for airport security.

Local media are reporting that the man is from Bolivia, but beyond that he has not been identified.

One newspaper said he broke through a fire door to reach the disconnected passenger boarding bridge, after he saw a plane start to move and panicked.
Hi everyone! I don't understand the bold part. What does it mean? My guess is "it was the weak airport security that allowed the incident to happen.
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    I agree - I take it to mean "the fault lies with the airport's security personnel/officials, not with us (Ryanair)."


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    To me, "It is a matter for airport security " = (in this context) "You should ask airport security to comment, not Ryanair: the issues are airport security's responsibility".
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