a matter of destiny


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Could someone give an explanation about "a matter of destiny"?

I found it in :

As I was preparing for my conversation with Judge Goldstone, word came of the death of another resolute champion of the law who left his imprint on the lives of untold numbers of Americans. His very name made his life's work almost inevitable, a matter of destiny.

The prolog above is about William Wayne Justice, who was Federal Judge for the Eastern District of Texas.

Thanks a lot for your help.

  • MichaelW

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    Since his name is "Justice" the author thinks he must almost have been destined to be a judge.


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    The fact that a judge was named Justice (and justice is what a judge is supposed to provide) seemed telling to the writer. It was almost as if destiny (the fates, the gods, etc.) had named the person knowing that he would be a just man and a man of the lae.
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