a matter of doing it or not

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What I want to say is importance of implementation.
At times when I think of result, which stops me,
I get overwhelmed and can’t start working. So I wrote,
“The important thing is to do it. Just do it. If I keep doing it over time,I can do it well.
It’s not a matter of doing it well or not but a matter of doing it or not. “

1. Do the sentences make sense?

2. ‘it’ is something I have to do or I want to do in general. It doesn’t mean any specific task. So ‘it’ is proper word here?

3. These words are important for me.
So I wrote it and will read it from time to time.
What do you call this type of writing? ‘oath’ seems too big. Personal quote?
Thanks always
Hugs from Korea
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    Yes, the sentences look and sound good to me (just add a space after the comma).

    If you wait about a week, you could make it your New Year's resolution -- things you plan to do differently in 2015 compared with 2014. Otherwise, I think some people might call this an affirmation.
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