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Hi all! :D

Does anyone know what a media website is? It comes from the Spanish forum, in a translation that someone has asked for. Only, I don't know what it is!

Example sentence (which isn't very good, I must admit):
Our members will continue to benefit from all the funcionality currently through media website.

I tried looking it up in contexts in Google. So, is it a website with lots of links to other places? An interactive website? A website with lots of audio and pictures? :confused:

Thanks in advance to all who help me!
  • foxfirebrand

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    Hi Venus-- increasingly I see "media" used in the cyber world as a generic term for graphic, audio and video material.

    My hunch about "media website" is that it may be a legal file-sharing site, something like PhotoBucket or YouTube, where you can upload your own pix or flix so your friends can download them.
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