a mi entender


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The phrase a mi entender is quite tricky as it seems to mean the way I understand it; I learned, though, that it means in my opinion. Do you agree?

La frase a mi entender es bastante difícil porque parece implicar cómo entiende una persona. Pero dicen que significa en mi opinión. ¿Están de acuerdo?
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    Unlike English and Latin, Spanish has no full substantive gerund and Spanish therefore uses its infinitive (infinitives and gerunds are equivalents in syntax) very often where English would use its gerund.
    The phrase " a mi entender" is a good example. If we translate the Spanish infinitive by the corresponding English gerund we get (literally) "to my undertanding" a phrase used in English as it stands and certainly equal - or as near equal as makes no difference - to phrases like "to my way of thinking" "as I see it" and from there to "in my opinion" is but a step.

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