1. Carcino

    Carcino Member

    Hi! Could you help me with the transaltion of this sentence?

    Esta es, a mi entender, la principal razón por la cual los...

    I am looking for a translation of "a mi entender". As I've been using "in my opinion" before in the text, I am trying to find something different but with the same meaning...

    I don't know If I've expressed myself correctly!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. JaCoX

    JaCoX Member

    Lima - Peru
    Peru, Spanish
    "In my opinion" is ok, but if you want it literally, "in my understanding" would be the correct.
  3. Teachy Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Argentina , Spanish and English
    Other possibilities could be,
    From my point of view
    I believe
    As far as I know

    hope it helps..

    bye, teachy
  4. mhp Senior Member

    American English
    as I see it
    to the best of my knowledge
  5. Carcino

    Carcino Member

    Thanks for all the responses! You have been very helpful!
  6. Zeli Senior Member

    UK English
    I like mhp's suggestion, but you can also say my understanding is that the main reason for ...

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