1. popcornmassacre New Member

    English - USA
    Once again, I wonder how you would conjugate the "soul" in French. The following phrase is as follows: "comme des indivudus ayant un de leur propre esprit".

    I have a feeling that I should remove "un" from the phrase but I'm not completely sure...

    Thanks in advance / Merci en avance !
  2. philm New Member

    consider "comme des indivudus ayant de un leur propre esprit"
  3. Already-Seen Senior Member

    French - France
    I don't understand what you are trying to say. How would you say it in English? Please give us a full sentence and context, so that we can help you.
  4. popcornmassacre New Member

    English - USA
    I'm sorry for confusing you.

    I'm trying to say: " just like individuals having a mind of their own".
  5. killerchoco New Member

    Français - Lyon
    Je me demande ce que cela veut dire en Français "a mind of their own"
    Tiré du film Pride and Prejudice "Men are eaten by arrogance, if they're amiable, they have no mind of their own"
    Ils n'en sont pas conscients? Ils ne le sont pas intentionnellement?

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