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Please help me explain the word "a miss" in the following sentence.
"If however they dislike the movie, they may call it "boring", or "too violent" or they may suggest the public give a bad movie "a miss".
Thank you very much.
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    American English
    give it a miss (like an appointment... don't show up)

    = give it a pass
    = pass on (the option to see) it
    = don't go see it


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    Hola mimi!

    Pudiera ser "un fiasco" o "una pérdida" o "un fallo".

    Segun el contexto... yo entiendo que sugieren q' el público "se la pierda", dado q' es una mala pelícua.

    Espero haberte ayudado aunque sea un poco, pq' se q' no está precisamente perfecto.


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    vietnam vietnamese
    I think you should use English so that I can understand what you want to say to me.


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    England, English
    To give a film (or any other planned activity) "a miss" means that you choose not to see (or do) it - you deliberately avoid it.

    "Are you coming to the pub with us tonight?"
    "No, I'm a bit tired. I think I'll give it a miss."