a misty little grin


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‘That kind of salesmanship I might be able to get into,’ Wyzer said with a misty little grin. ‘I’d get a sweet little honeybun to do a dance in a sequined bra and a pair of harem pants . . . call her Little Egypt, like in that old Coasters song . . . she’d be my warm-up act. Plus I’d have a banjo-picker. In my experience, there’s nothing like a good dose of banjo music to put people in a buying mood.’
Source: Insomnia by Stephen King

How can a grin be misty?

Other words I looked up and understood: honeybun, sequin bra, harem pants and banjo-picker.

Thank you.
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    Misty is used figuratively.

    Think of a few attributes of mist that could be applicable. :thumbsup: