a modern complex with lots of facilities

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Hello again,

Can you help me understand the words 'complex' and 'facilities' in the following context?

There's a very attractive fully furnished one-bedroom flat in Haddon Road, just 10 minutes walk from the campus.
It's in a modern complex with lots of facilities. The rent is 350 pounds a month, but it's well worth it.

Does 'complex' mean 'housing estate' or 'large building'? And what about 'facilities'? Does it refer to some kind of rooms or equipment in the building where the flat is or some other buildings nearby such as shops, restaurants etc.?
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    Complex here means a collection of related buildings. Facilities here means things available for communal use by the residents of the complex - this could be anything from parking to a bike garage to washing machines to a swimming pool. It could also refer to shops which are located on site.
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