a more advanced footing

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Anya Smitty

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"In fact I don’t really know why we took our loss so unprotestingly.”
“For two reasons,” said Youghal; “you are rather fond of Comus. And I—am not very fond of bread-and-butter.”
The jesting remark brought a throb of pleasure to Elaine’s heart. She had known full well that she cared for Comus, but now that Courtenay Youghal had openly proclaimed the fact as something unchallenged and understood matters seemed placed at once on a more advanced footing.

What does "a more advanced footing" mean here?
Source: The Unbearable Bassington by Saki.
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  • velisarius

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    "A step ahead". She feels differently now towards Comus; their relationship seems to be progressing or maybe moving to a higher level.


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    matters seemed placed at once on a more advanced footing = everything seemed more promising now.

    Courtenay's comment pleased Elaine and
    immediately suggested that Elaine's situation appears more favourable now.
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