a more diverse society


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urdu and english
How would you say in french>
"I would like to immerse myself in a more diverse society"
My attempt:
"Je tiens à me plonger dans une société plus divertisifiée"

Any suggestions on improvement?
  • mmesorel

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    Really? I thought that "diversifié" meant diversified, as in stocks or as in foods that make up a diet, not diverse as in a community or society. Would one not say "une société plus diverse"?


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    For me "hétéroclite" and "diversifiée" are quite différent :
    hétéroclite = fait d'éléments disparates, bizarres. (a generally rather negative meaning, whereas "diversifiée" has a rather positive meaning).


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    It would certainly help us if you could explain the type of "diversity" you would like to immerse yourself into.
    Do you mean that you would like to live among people who speak different languages, who have different ways of life, different interests (culture, art, education …); is it economical, … ?


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    I agree with Reynald.
    May I add that the adjective racial should disappear from our vocabulary. The only race is the human race.
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