a more self-involved, sniveling little nub of humanity it ..

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I'm not absolutely certain what the phrase in bold in the stretch below refers to. I've understood that Jasper' s mother was a doting one (perhaps that's only a mildly way of putting it)...; as for the stretch in bold: could it possibly imply that Jasper would appreciate if she was even a little bit more concerned with something else than him, diverting her attention elsewhere, letting him do things on his own... Still, this was hardly feasible... I'm only guessing and might be completely on the wrong track:confused:
I'd be grateful for your help and more than happy if you could think of a fitting paraphrase.
Thanks a lot:)

G.M.Malliet: Wicked autumn
"Jasper had at one point been on the receiving end of a smothering love from his mother. He told us this at great pains. A more self-involved, sniveling little nub of humanity it would be hard to find. Anyway, smothered he was. At least in the beginning, he was showered with anything it was in Wanda's gift to give the boy."
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    Do you need help in understanding what the section in bold means, or are you asking us to rewrite it, which is not up to us. Maybe it's that I'm not following you question.


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    Jasper is such a self-absorbed, snivelling, little nub of humanity that it would be hard to find a person that is worse than he is (in those ways). There is likely not another person as bad as he is.


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    It means it would be difficult to find anyone more of a self-absorbed/egotistical/selfish (self-involved), whining (sniveling), feckless and small human being (little nub of humanity) than he is.
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