a moth in raw light

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...he lay in his bunk, face turned to the wall, listening to whoops of laughter below and the piano-string scurry of rat feet, the violin squeaking of mice, and the great shadowing, motioned silence of the Hound leaping out like a moth in the raw light, finding, holding its victim, inserting the needle and going back to its kennel to die as if a switch had been turned.
Source: R. Bradbury -- Fahrenheit 451
Does 'raw light' mean 'natural light, sunlight'?
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    'In the raw light' could well mean something like 'in the cold light of the early morning' but you would need to establish the exact sense from the preceding context.

    The phrase 'like a moth' is not connected particularly with the mention of the light.
    It goes with the preceding participle: 'leaping out like a moth'. What this is meant to mean is another question.
    I have seen hounds leaping and I have seen moths flying and fluttering about, but I have never noticed a resemblance.
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