A movement to gather momentum [baseball bat]

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    I am not very knowledgeable about baseball, but I think the announcer would say:
    "He raises his bat to his shoulder -- he swings -- and he misses!"

    Batters start with the bat over their shoulder; that movement has no special significance. In this case, Lou Gehrig swings at the ball, but misses it.

    Like grassy, I would call that 'swinging the bat.'
    There is no extra movement to increase the momentum.


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    The batter raises the bat to his shoulder and holds it there with the tip pointing up while waiting for the pitch. Just before his swing starts forward, he makes a small backswing. I think that may be what you're asking about.
    From the Word Reference dictionary on "backswing":
    the movement of a bat, racket, or the like, toward the back of a player in preparation for the forward movement with which the ball is struck.
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