A "Must take" requirement

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    The document I am translating describes the steps taken to develop wind energy in a specific country, and at one point describes the regulations that had to be established by State Decree:

    "The results of these efforts are two governmental decrees: Decree (159/011), which laid the groundwork for a new 150 MW auction of wind energy and established a ‘must-take’ requirement between UTE and IPPs"

    My translation is the following:
    "Los resultados de estos esfuerzos son dos decretos gubernamentales: Decreto (159/011), que estableció el trabajo preliminar para una nueva subasta de 150 MW de energía eólica y estableció un requisito obligatorio entre UTE y los Propietarios Independientes de Electricidad (IPPs)"

    However, since this is the first time I find this wording "must-take" requirement, I would like to make sure I am not simply taking it literally oblivious to its real meaning. So please friends, let me know what your opinions on the subject are!

  2. Hi Miranda.

    Yes; "Requisito obligatorio".

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