a mutual -aid society at work? a benefit society at work?


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There's this society(?) in our school.

Teachers pool a certain amount of money each month and when a teacher loses their family member or they get married or they have babies, we give them a pre-determined amount of money and maybe some flowers as well.
Aside from that, we also sometimes have lunch and dinner together and pay for the meals with the pool of money. Sometimes, we go on a trip togther. Again, the money comes from the pool.

Would you call this kind of soceity 'a mutual-aid soceity' or 'a benefit soceity'?
The Korean word for this is 'Sang jo hoei' which literally means 'a mutual-aid soceity.'
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    Groups like this are fairly common in the U.S. (especially among adult females) but I don't know any standard term for them.

    I would not use "mutual-aid" unless the money was used for emergencies (an accident, a house burning down, etc.). Instead it is used for gifts at appropriate gift-giving times (funerals, weddings, baby showers), or as shared "fun money" for the group. In addition, the group shares friendship and does some social things together. So in AE it is a social group or an informal social club.

    "Society" is too formal or old-fashioned. In modern AE most "societies" are large formal organizations dedicated to a purpose.

    It is almost morning in the UK, so hopefully you will get some good ideas from BE speakers.
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