A myth to make mothers feel guilty

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  1. lucky045 Member

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    For my french homework I need to be able to say "I believe that the idea of the infallible maternal instinct is mostly a myth to make mother's feel guilty if they don't wish to devote their entire life to their child."
    I'm finding it a bit difficult though. So far I've written:

    Je crois que l'idée de l'instinct maternel est, pour la plupart, seulement un mythe créé pour faire culpabiliser les mères qui ne veulent pas consacre tous leur vie à leur enfant.

    Can anyone suggest any way to make that better, any grammar mistakes I've missed, or any better phrasing please? It just doesn't look completely right to me...
  2. Ayoup Senior Member

    France, Français
    toute leur vie

    And perhaps "essentiellement" instead of "pour la plupart".
  3. lucky045 Member

    England, English
    Thanks very much! :)
  4. Aiguebelette Member

    France, French

    You need "consacrer', not 'consacre' in this sentence.
  5. yannalan Senior Member

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    "Pour culpabiliser " would be enough
  6. lucky045 Member

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    Thanks I've just noticed the last two replies - I'll remember for next time. :)
  7. veryshy Senior Member

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    L'idée infaillible de l'instinct maternel est presque un mythe ayant pour but de pousser les mères à se sentir coupables, si elles éspèrent ne pas consarer leur vie entière à leurs enfants.

    Just a suggestion.

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