A(n) ___ vehicle is one which has been left unwanted


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1. A(n) ___ vehicle is one which has been left unwanted and discarded by its owner or by others.
A, deserted B, quit C, abandoned D,left

I think deserted and abandoned are both okay.

Help me,thanks in advance

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  • boozer

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    Only abandoned is okay as far as I'm concerned.

    Deserted implies that the vehicle needed some special care or had some special needs. I mean, you usually "desert" your wife and children, if you're heartless enough to do that.


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    thanks.But I wonder if this difference is too subtle for a English learner to feel,because all the dictionaries I can find tell me that desert is a syn. of abandon,and their definitions are almost the same, so I just can't tell


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    A deserted place is one where there are no longer any people: a deserted village abandoned permanently because of the plague, or temporarily because of a flood warning; a deserted factory permanently shut down, or temporarily empty because of a strike or holiday. So it sounds odd to say a car is deserted - as if it usually has people living in it, perhaps.


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    I agree with Boozer that the only right answer in this case is abandoned.

    "Abandoned car" is a common US phrase, and it does mean discarded; it is the term used here by police and other officials. Often, the license plates and other identifications have been removed.

    If a vehicle is described as deserted, that doesn't mean that it has been discarded. And it's a word that's more usually used to refer to a person or a dwelling.
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