A(n) English level test/The English level test


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Could I ask, what would you use in a case if you want to announce people to do your entrance test. It should be something like a button on a website.
A English level test/The English level test
Thank you.
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    Unfortunately, neither of these sound good, in particular because "English level test" doesn't sound good all by itself. Is it a test that is itself "at an English level"? Is the test level in terms of being English? Is it a level test from England? I really don't know. I certainly wouldn't click on a button that had this written on it, because I would have no way of knowing what was about to happen.


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    I named so a test consisting of some question. And according to your answers you will learn whether you are A1,A2,B1... level
    Thanks for answers.
    There are words for this. At a school or university, you would take an "English placement exam"; it would determine what English courses you would be allowed to take. In a more informal setting, you might take an "English evaluation" or "English assessment (test)." I suppose "English level test" might be a common collocation in ESL, or online ESL in particular, but it just sounds bad to me.
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