a nail biter

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spanish-dominican republic
I'm new, I would like to know the meaning of "a nail biter"
I hope that any person help me with this word, bye
  • GenJen54

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    USA - English
    Hi patricia,

    Welcome to the forums! In general, we do ask that you provide context (such as a sample sentence) when asking a question.

    A "nail biter" is an expression that describes an event that is very exciting and/or tense. This can be tense in a good way, or tense in a bad way; in short, any situation in which the anxiety is such that it makes you want to bite your finger nails.

    Friend One: Did you watch that horse race the other day?
    Friend Two: Yea. It was really close, a real nail-biter.

    I just went to see the new horror film at the cineplex. Talk about a nail-biter. I had my eyes closed almost the entire time.

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