a name everyone... picks up

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Dear all,
this is from the story Lost in the Dark by John Langan.

We’ve passed the entrance [of the cement mine], with its remnants of parties past, its scattered garbage, beer cans, and bottles, random articles of clothing, and graffiti, including the warning about “Bad Agatha,” a name everyone in
the film crew, with the exception of Isabelle, picks up

I guess the words in question mean a name everyone pays attention to. Is this correct?
  • velisarius

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    I'd take it to mean that they noticed a connection with the missing woman. Perhaps they commented on it.


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    There's not much context, but my guess is that the other crew members have heard the story about Agatha and recognize the significance of the name when they see it. Isabelle does not.

    Although, if that's true, "picks up on" would make more sense.
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