a (name of media) advertising campaign?

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Hi. I think I can use this construction "a (name of media) advertising campaign" and say "a subway advertising campaign, but I'm not sure if I can apply it to TV and Radio.

Can I say "a TV advertising campaign" and "a Radio advertising campaign?"

I want to say these phases about a special promotional campaign for a new product using commercials on TV or Radio, but somehow they don't sound smooth to me, so I wanted to ask your opinion.

If there is other phrase that is more commonly used, please let me know.

Thank you.
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    I think those all can be used, but keep in mind that they're best used if that is the only type of advertising you are doing, i.e. television, subway, radio, out of home, print, etc. -- one of those exclusively.

    But in general, advertising campaigns have more than one component: Our advertising campaign for Follow Me Shampoo will be on television, print, radio and out of home.
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