A ne plus que savoir en faire

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There's a WordRef thread in Français Seulement with this verse in it:

C'était une horrible piquette
Mais il faisait des centenaires
A ne plus que savoir en faire
S'il ne vous tournait pas la tête

Could someone please translate A ne plus que savoir en faire for those of us who can't understand it in French?:cool:
  • Gérard Napalinex

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    French - France

    In the first place, this should read "à ne plus savoir qu'en faire"
    Maybe now it's easier to understand: literally this is "up to a point where you don't know what to do with it/them" - referring here to all the people who enjoyed the wine and got up to 100 of age supposedly thank to it

    Edit: we happen to excuse poets who twist the language just to ensure they have the right number of syllables in their verses - eg 8 each
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