A new boy came, if you dont mind

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A new boy came to my school and he is studying abroad.
He is from Germany and I have learned a little before but I have forgot a lot. I would like to know how to say :
I would really like to get to know you if you don't mind.
Oh by the way I love your eyes.

thanks in advance and I'm dying to learn more about german and this helps a lot
  • Jana337

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    My attempt: Wenn es Dich nicht stört, möchte ich dich kennenlernen. Übrigens mag ich Deine Augen.


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    Oh by the way I love your eyes.
    Übrigens, ich liebe deine Augen.
    (This is a very literal attempt, though please note that it just
    sounds awkward in German, nobody would say something
    like that, not even as a slight joke. That expression strictly implies
    a *very* close friendship.)

    If you want to drop something cute to the boy *randomly*,
    you can say for example:
    "Ach ja, weißt Du, dass Du entzückende Augen hast?"
    "Noch was, hm... na ja, Du hast entzückende Augen,
    (wollte ich Dir noch sagen)."
    "Deine Augen (slight pause) sind entzückend, weißt Du das?"

    However, I don't know that lucky guy, but I believe he's
    gonna blush, anyway. :)

    Hope that helps.

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