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  1. Hi!
    I was listening to a hip-hop song, and I was wondering what he wanted to mean by:
    "A new cat is back"? What's the meaning of "cat"?
    The full sentence looks like this:
    "A new cat is back worth top dollar
    In fact touch mines and i'll react
    Like a rock wilder"

    I guess "cat" must be an old slang word for someone who has a reputation in "The Hood"... no?

    If someone could help me I'll be eternally grateful ;-)

    P.S: for your information: I'm not really fond of hip-hop, but I love slang and using slang with my greek and american friends... it's kind of a game, like who will make the most incomprehensive sentence... it's very funny... even if I always lose... :-(
  2. ChiMike Senior Member

    Chicago USA
    USA, English
    Dans le vieux patois "cat" voulait simplement dire: un type (rusé)
    "a cool cat" remplacé plus tard par "a cool dude"

    Mais dans le contexte, on se demande....
    puisque: "En fait, touche au mien" va mal avec.

    Alors, il pourrait s'agir d'une erreur de compréhension quand qq'un ait dit le mot, encore plus vieillot: "gat" = gun, revolver

    Et vous avez sans doute remarqué que: rock wilder = rottweiler...
  3. daisymax Senior Member

    English, UK
    Mais je pense qu'il fait allusion à l'argent. Le "cat" vaut beaucoup de dollars mais si on touche à ses dollars il va réagir comme un rock wilder / rottweiler (bien vu!!! :)).

    Pour moi, cat est un mot de l'argot qu'on utilisait jusqu'aux années 70. Ca fait un peu vieillot de nos jours. Mais oui, cela signifie bien un "type".
  4. Thanks a lot!!!

    I noticed "rottweiler", because at the first listenning, I thought it was rottweiler... Then I checked the lyrics on the net, and discovered it was "rock wilder", and realised the pun...
    So "cat" means a "cool dude" or something like that... ok! Thank you so much! ;-)

    But I still don't understand the meaning of the sentence...? If I try to translate:
    "Un nouveau caid qui vaut un paquet de tunes est de retour
    mais en fait il me pique la mienne
    et je vais réagir comme un rottweiler"

    I think he means "to steal" by "to touch"... The new "cat" is trying to steal his money, so he's angry... Maybe he was the "boss" of the hood and this guy wants to take his place...

    Thanks Daisymax and ChiMike! ;-)

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