A new controversial method of using sex: flirty fishing

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Queenape, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Queenape

    Queenape Member

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if someone could help me with this expression 'flirty fishing'
    Actually I can understand the meaning, but I'm not able to translate it in Italian.
    It is referred to the unconventional way of 'evangelizing' used by a religious cult.
    "They experimented a new controversial method of using sex to win converts and supporters, infamously known as flirty fishing".
    Thank you in advance!!
  2. Blackman

    Blackman Senior Member

    Island of Sardinia, Italy
    Apostolato seduttivo?
  3. Mary49

    Mary49 Senior Member

    Io l'ho trovato tradotto, diciamo letteralmente, con "pesca d'amore" o "pesca amorosa", ma non vanno bene secondo me. Direi "adescamento malizioso". Ma attendi altri.
  4. Queenape

    Queenape Member

    Grazie Mary49! Grazie Blackman!
    Entrambi avete fornito una traduzione simpatica e calzante.
    Credo però ci siano ancora molte possibilità, attendo per cui
    altri pareri. Sono curiosa!

    Thanks Mary49! Thanks Blackman!
    You both gaved me a suitable and cute translation.
    But I think there are still more possibilities about that,
    I'm looking for more viewpoints. I'm very curious!

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