a new flavor-crystal formula

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Source: Blade 3 (2005), an American movie about vampires.

A vampire hunter named Hannibal King has been captured by vampires. They want to know what secret weapon the vampire hunters have in store for them.
Hannibal King: All right, I'll tell you about the weapon. It's a new flavor-crystal formula. Twice the chocolatey goodness, half the calories. Plus, it helps prevent tooth decay.

Could you explain the word crystal in the line above?

Does it mean:
WR Random House Unabridged Dictionary of AE said:
15. any stimulant drug in powder form, as methamphetamine or PCP.
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    I think it just means a crystalline substance, carrying flavour.

    crystal (WR dictionary): a clear, transparent mineral or glass resembling ice, like quartz.


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    Flavor crystals are confectionary in crystalline form, sold in North America. (It is also the name of a band, which makes googling more difficult.)


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    I'm not sure whether the character between flavour and crystal is meant to be a hyphen (which would indicate that it's a new formula of flavour-crystal), or a dash (which would mean it's a new flavour, and the name of this flavour is "crystal formula").


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    I think it's neither of those. This line is basically a parody of an advertisement that would be seen on U.S. television for some everyday product (in this case a drink perhaps) that's "new and improved".

    It's a new flavor-crystal formula. Twice the chocolatey goodness, half the calories. Plus, it helps prevent tooth decay.

    Whatever it is that is new and improved has traded its old way of flavoring to a whole new system of flavor crystals (for instance, instead of simple flavored powder). Crystals "burst" with flavor compared to plain old powder. Chocolatey goodness is a line that has been used in commercials many times over the years. And anything that has half the calories is automatically good, as there are millions of people on diets at any given time. The last part ("it helps prevent tooth decay") is that whole idea of too-good-to-be-true taken to the absurd extreme as a parody. Nothing with flavor crystals and chocolatey goodness is going to prevent tooth decay but it's all part of the advertising hype. So basically, the whole line is a parody of various well-known advertisement claims and parodies of those claims.

    Here's an example of a product talking about the "burst...of flavor" from "flavor crystals".

    Second, we reduced the size of the flavor crystal particles so that they feel softer and better deliver the burst of real fruit flavor that's unique to the product.

    Burts Bees: The new and improved Flavor Crystals formula - thanks to you! | Milled
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