a new school, a new start

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  1. Kitty90210 Member

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    Hi how would i go about saying the phrase:
    A new school, a new start.
    I came up with un college nouveau, un commencez nouveau, but i think it's wrong! If anyone could help that would be great!

    By the way, the word school is meaning a secondary school!
  2. shibuya Senior Member

    USA and France
    Hi Kitty,
    what about: nouveau lycée, nouvelle vie
  3. marcolo

    marcolo Senior Member

    Bordeaux, France
    France, french
    nouvelle école, nouveau départ

    It seems that secondary school can go from 6th grade up to 12th grade, so it could be

    collège (6-9th grade)
    lycée (10-12th grade)

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