a nice racket going

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  1. Basenjigirl Senior Member

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    Children in Spain have a nice racket going because they get presents twice: First on Christmas Day and then, 11 days later, on January 6, Three King's Day.

    How would I say this? Racket = Chanchullo?
  2. ILT

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    I would say jaleo, fiesta, alboroto.

    Chanchullo, at least in México, has a negative meaning, as in le dieron gato por liebre (le hicieron chanchullo).

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  3. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    What I wish to express in a playful way is that children in Spain have got a nice little swindle (estafa) going on with their parents and grandparents because they've conned them into believing that gifts should be given twice, both on Christmas and on Jan. 6. So "jaleo, fiesta and alboroto" which mean noise don't fit the context I'm referring to. In English the word "racket" can mean a tennis racket, a lot of noise or a swindle, con-job.
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    I would say los niños en España lo tienen bien montado
  5. Basenjigirl Senior Member

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    ¡Eso es! Gracias.
  6. Olmos18 Senior Member

    How about "chollo"? Los ninos de Espana tienen un "chollo." Would that also work?

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