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Hello everyone,

From the book 99: Stories of the game by Wayne Gretzky.

"Like a lot of GMs, Smythe built from the blue line out. He recruited 6’2”, 210-pound veteran defenseman Ivan “Ching” Johnson from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Then he went after Clarence “Taffy” Abel, who was a nimble 225. They were two of the biggest guys in hockey."

Taffy Abel - Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, his weight was 225 lb.

Does "a nimble 225" mean that he was very fast in moving and his weight was 225 lb?

Thank you.
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    a nimble 225

    Nimble is an adjective describing 225. So he was nimble for someone weighing 225, i.e. noticeably more nimble than others that weight. He might not have been as nimble as a smaller, faster offensive player.
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