A nine-to-five mentality.

jamal mohammed

Could you please explain the meaning and origin of this expression"a nine-to-five mentality" in the sentence "being a doctor is very hard work,but at least you do not develop a nine-to-five mentality" ? thanks for your help.
  • Kelly B

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    9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. are the traditional hours of work in the US. A nine-to-five mentality is the attitude that your job only matters between those hours, and you refuse to think about it at any other time. A doctor generally spends quite a lot more time working than that, both because the days are longer and because he is often available for telephone calls or emergency care.


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    I guess here it also means that sometimes 9-5 jobs can be quite dull and boring, but a doctor's job is often very challenging, hence the use of "but" in the sentence given.