A notably long life, up to having seen


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No matter which profession, teaching or translating, you enter, you will afterwards turn into the first woman President of Russia, and an illustrious one in its history, although you would not even have thought during your early life about stepping onto the political stage.

You will live a notably long life, up to having seen your great-grandson get married. You will visit China more than fifty times over your whole life, and you will spend no less than two and a half thousand days over there.


Is the expression <in bold> correct and natural? < ----> . Thank you!

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    I agree with bennymix. "Up to seeing" is what I would use in this case.

    As to the comment about 'turns into', please see the explanation in post #3 of this thread: become or turn into
    I believe that it will explain why 'turn into' doesn't fit in your sentence. However, if you still have a question about the use of 'turn into' in your sentence, please add it to that thread. It would be off-topic in this thread.


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    Thank you guys. I firstly did write "up to seeing"(at italki.com), but then thought that which may be implying that "she" would die around the wedding day. It seems I had thought wrong, had I?
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