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Hello everyone,

could a native speaker please tell me the best way to say the following:

A: - I have a 1991 issue of the Time magazine.
B: - Which month is it? :confused: / In which month was it published?

A: - I have a number of the Time magazine issued in 1991. -
B: - Which month is it dated? :confused: / In which month did it come out?

And I'm really at a loss as to what the answer should be.

A: - It is dated May. :confused: / It was issued (published) in May.

All of the answers seem either incorrect or unidiomatical to me. So do the questions.

Thanks in advance.
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    What date is it?
    What issue is it?

    Time is a weekly magazine, so anyone wanting to know the issue would ask for the date, not the month.


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    And if we were speaking about a monthly magazine, would it be correct to ask "What month is it?" and answer "It is May"?
    What about the two sentences by A "I have..."? Are they correct?

    Thank you.
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