a number of disputes, including <one?> with Tokyo


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Grammatically, is something like “one” necessary after the word “including” toward the end (the red-colored part) in the following sentence?

At the nuclear summit Monday, Xi told the U.S. president that the United States should adopt a “fair” attitude on the East and South China Seas, where Beijing is involved in a series of increasingly bitter territorial disputes, including with Tokyo over the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands.
(from the March 26, 2014, edition of The Japan Times)
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    I agree, 8769. That sentence needs the pronoun "one" before "with": ...disputes, including one with Tokyo over...


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    I think so, too. And 8769, please be careful to look back over your posts and insert spaces between words. It's difficult to read text where the words run together.

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    Sorry, owlman, I disagree. It looks fine to me without "one".

    Besides, there may be more than one dispute over the Senkaku Islands - you can't tell from the original text.
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