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Source : CNN

Google has pulled the curtain off a whole collection of new gadgets.

The company revealed on Wednesday its latest hardware products at a press event in San Francisco, including the Pixel 2 smartphone, futuristic headphones and two new smart speakers. It included a number of nods to Apple, including killing the headphone jack on its Pixel phones.

Tech companies such as Apple and Google tend to announce their newest products this time of year, ahead of the holiday shopping season. This year's big tech trends include smart speakers, home security, and of course, smartphones...

What does "a number of nods to sth" mean?
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    'En dicho evento de prensa reconocío a Apple por varias cosas incluyendo la eliminación del conector de entrada para los audífonos en sus teléfonos Pixel...'

    From 'Giving a nod to someone to show approval or assent'.
    Hope it helps.It is the best I can do.


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    ...el nuevo smartphone da la razón a Apple en varios aspectos...
    ...el nuevo smartphone claudica ante Apple en varios detalles...
    ...el nuevo smartphone demuestra que Apple iba por el buen camino en varios aspectos...
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