a (number) year high

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  1. chica_88 Member

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    How would you translate the following, "a 13 year high" ?

    Also how would you translate, "a mere 0.1%"

    .. and "growth forcast"

    The context is given below,

    "In June 2008 the inflation rate reached a 13 year high of 5.00%, whilst GDP growth was a mere 0.1% in the second quarter, but still better than that of other EU economies such as Germany which had -0,5% or France or Italy, which both had -0,3%. The Spanish government official GDP growth forecast for 2008 in April was 2,3%, as the economic situation worsened during 2008, they realized this figure would unlikely be reached should the current rates maintain, or more likely, worsen during the remainder of they year. So in July 2998, a new official estimate reduced the GDP growth forecast for 2008 to 1.6%."

  2. mikey21 Senior Member

    Română - România
    más que fue en 13 anos :)

    en los 13 años anteriores nunca fue más que 5.00%

    Y "growth forcast" supongo que es "pronóstico del crecimiento" pero aquí no estoy seguro
  3. chica_88 Member

    England - English
    thanks for all your help guys!
  4. geego Senior Member

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    The highest point in 13 years = El máximo en un período de 13 años
    In context, I'd say "alcanzó el punto más alto de los últimos 13 años".

    a mere 0.1% = un mero 0.1%

    growth forecast = pronóstico de crecimiento

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