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I want to write in the paper about my dad's job, but I dont' know which the correct one(s) is. Here are my versions:

My dad is...
A. a teacher teaching (the?)P.E.
B. a P.E. teacher
C. a teacher of the P.E.

I would choose C. but still really not sure.
Thank you !

edit: I've just realized I should have named my thread "a teacher of the P.E." cause it's my choice, sorry...:p)
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    The correct one is B. That format will be used for other subjects as well: a math teacher, a science teacher.


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    Both are wrong

    My Dad
    A. is a teacher teaching (the?)P.E. teaches P.E.
    B. is a P.E. teacher
    C. is a teacher of the P.E. (correct, but unnatural)
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