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Gossip Girl, actually trying to form comprehensible sentences this season, texts: This just in. Due to a reader's dumpster dive outside a well-known Fifth Avenue Prewar, it appears someone we know and love is in the family way. So this is your humble Gossip Girl issuing an APPB... Who could the mother of our next scandal be? Dorota scrambles and acts super weird.

The words aboves were excerpted from Gossip Girl, An American TV drama.

What does APPB stand for? Thank you!
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    An APB is an All Points Bulletin issued by police departments to all their officers (I suppose; I'm not a police officer).

    I don't know about an APPB, but I'll offer a guess that it's an All Points Pregnancy Bulletin (since the person is "in the family way") broadcast to all their listeners.

    Or some other word for "Pregnancy," I suppose. Note that this is just a guess.
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